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      With Folkifunki we have created a number of unique pieces of art and with character.

      Presenting a language all its own, dominated by blue and red along with gold accents, the decorative pieces can be used independently or combined with other pieces of the collection, finding the "sensation of family" in the common colors and expressiveness of the schemes.

      Thanks to the artistic slant so striking and so personal, each element in the collection can mingle with other elements or be presented on its own, displayed on any table, or even hung on the wall as a decorative object. Following an increasingly common trend of combining distinct forms, playing with and enjoying the objects that surround us, reflecting who we are. 

      The shapes of the decorative pieces are folkloric, surreal, rural, and with a dash of humor. Art, craftsmanship in producing the porcelain and applying decorations - watercolor, gold, lines, and details – make this a very special set.

      Finding characters, colors, constellations, where each element tells a story, creating endless narratives, depending on how the compositions are made. The interaction with each piece is unique, different, and exciting.

      Designed by Jaime Hayon

      Enhanced with Gold

      German Design Award Nominee and honored with a TableWare Award of Excellence

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