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      “Creating a Cabrita Reis in Vista Alegre, or a Vista Alegre by Cabrita Reis.”
      It was his taste for “decorative arts” that led Pedro Cabrita Reis, one of the greatest contemporary Portuguese artists, to take ownership of a shape from Vista Alegre’s portfolio. A ceramic “canvas” in which one could, from a new perspective, explore some primordial sense.
      “I like things that endure in time”, he says. De Natura reveals that perennial character through the simplicity of the shape, in perfect harmony with the gold-plated design.
      A noble element which is used to evoke timeless universality, crossing many cultures and eras. The balance between the essential lines and the graphic detachment, distances us from any sort of narrative and places us in the soothing nature.
      De Natura is in total harmony with the work of an artist deeply invested in leaving a legacy. A small part of which now has come to enrich Vista Alegre’s heritage.

      Numbered and Limited to 500 copies - 19th creation of Contemporary Artists Project.


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