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      Sweet Orange & Vanilla

      Solid body lotion

      Plastic Free



      Palm Oil Free

      Sustainably Produced

      Biodegradable Ingredients

      Equivalent to 2 bottles of lotion (8.45oz / 250ml bottle).

      All our butter blocks are made with organic cocoa butter from a farming cooperative in the Dominican Republic, organic coconut oil from our cooperative in Samoa, and delicious essential oils (no synthetic fragrances).

      All this goodness creates a bar that is easy to use, supremely hydrating, and fabulous for heels, elbows, or anywhere else needing a little extra TLC.


      Solid body lotion guide:

      Best used on damp skin, when straight out of a shower or bath.

      Simply swipe the bar down the area to be moisturized (apply less than you think you need) and rub in.

      This bar may soften in transit over the summer months. If so, please pop in the fridge for 2-3 hours upon arrival for it to harden up.

      Store in a dry, cool spot, in its original packaging or something like a jar.

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