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      Inspired by the book "Philosophical Voyage" by the naturalist Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira, as well as by the fauna, flora, and people of today's Amazónia.

      Part of the revenue from the collection will be channeled back into the reforestation of the Amazon's Mato Grosso area through the planting of native fruit trees, which will help preserve an environmental, cultural, social, and scientific heritage that is crucial to the future of humankind.

      Award-winning collection with a European Product Design Award - Silver Prize Winner, a Good Design Award, and a German Design Award.

      Based on the decoration of the brand's porcelain collections, this scarf is made from the purest cashmere, gathered sustainably in central Mongolia. A fabric that has exceptional softness, lightweight quality, and especially delicate texture, wrapping those who wear it in unique comfort. 

      Design, know-how, and comfort unite with fashion to create captivating and alluring scarves. A new form of individual expression, with sophistication and creativity, allowing for numerous different combinations.

      Award-winning collection with a German Design Award

      70% cashmere & 30% silk

      Width = 55 in / 140 cm
      Length = 55 in / 140 cm

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